Nikola Tesla may have been a genius in many ar…

Nikola Tesla may have been a genius in many areas, and have made great advances with many of his ideas, he was dead wrong about broadcasting power. His claims about the effects behind it are nonsense. Why do you do attempt to ruin his reputation with those that understand science about this huge mistake? Why do you do a great injustice to the world by misleading those with no science background into believing his mistake was what was possible? He did so much more. Celebrate his successes,

I’ve been running this page for awhile now and have had many people confront me about misleading followers but this one takes the cake 😂😂😂😂

@fourth-attempt you obviously haven’t researched Tesla enough to read the many articles and seen all the pictures of Tesla “broadcasting” power to light wireless light bulbs, and also the pictures from his experiments in Colorado Springs where he sent energy through the earth to light lamps connected to the ground hundreds of feet from his transmitter. Please… escape from the cognitive dissonance that has your mind trapped and do a little more open-minded research. Also, judging off your page, I think you’re on the wrong side of tumblr to be talking science 😂😂😂

This page is all about celebrating Tesla’s success.