Despite what the internet and history books tell us… Nikola Tesla was the first to:

  1. Invent an commutatorless alternating current motor which 90 percent of our electrical power relies on today.
  2. Invent neon light.
  3. Prove wireless power.
  4. Explain the harms of x-rays.
  5. Discovery the electron (over 7 years before J. J. Thomson)
  6. Invent radio (Marconi was a hack).
  7. Discover radioactivity (Marie Currie was over a year behind) .
  8. Invent remote control.
  9. Prove the existence of stationary waves.
  10. Send a current around earth faster than the speed of light in experiments at Colorado Springs in 1899 (yes… this is a fact).
  11. Explain the photoelectric effect (4 years before Einstein).
  12. Discover cosmic rays (23 years before Victor Hess) .
  13. Discovery the neutron.
  14. Invent a particle beam weapon.