“500,000 Volts Of Electricity Passed Through Body To Cure Consumption – Tesla’s Idea.” 

New York World, August 19, 1900.

Nikola Tesla has recently invented an electrical instrument which he thinks will revolutionize the science of medicine. By means of an oscillator he proposes to cure consumption, cancer and other forms of disease which have hitherto resisted all the efforts of medical science.

Ordinarily, 800 volts of electricity passes through the body of a man by means of the dry-cell method are sufficient to kill him.

By Tesla’s machine half a million volts can be administered to a patient without ill effect. One scarcely feels the subtle fluid, which, in another form, would instantly annihilate him.

A peculiar property claimed for the Tesla electricity is that it affects the germs of the disease without destroying the cells of the tissues of the body. Many doctors could cure consumption if they had only the disease bacillus to deal with. But they have to consider the cell structure of the human body. A germicide powerful enough to kill the consumption germ would also destroy the tissues in which this germ is conducting its operations. Ordinary electricity passed through the tissue would reduce it to its elemental state.

The Tesla oscillator in now in use by New York physicians, who record marvelous results. Patients suffering from chronic consumption have been cued permanently. Men whose hours have been numbered have taken up their beds and walked.

The Tesla oscillator not only cures consumption. Its effect in fevers has been pronounced marvelous. In four seconds the temperature has been brought down from 105 degrees to normal. The pulse, racing at fatal speed, has been checked and made to beat time to perfect health. The breath, short and gasping, has been sustained, and all pain from the lungs have been eliminated.

Should Tesla’s new discovery prove all that the inventor claims for it, physic may be thrown to the dogs. A few days of Tesla’s treatment, painless and pleasant, will suffice.

By Nikola Tesla:

“My new oscillator is based on a principle which I discovered some time ago. It involves the use of vibrations of an electrical condenser which stores electrical energy. This energy is of an explosive nature, like the power locked up in dynamite, only it is many times more powerful.

“When this energy is suddenly released, as in my machine, it produces quickly varying oscillations which are able to penetrate through bodies. Though this energy may be enormous in amount, it is not harmful in nature.

“By means of this machine I may pass at least half a million volts of electricity through a man without injury. s is well known, helps cure many diseases.  Indeed, it may be utilized with beneficial effect.

“I am of opinion that electricity in this form may be used as a means of stamping out internal disease. When you stand in the sunlight your body is receiving millions of volts of electricity; and yet, this is not of a harmful kind. It is the same way with my new electric energy. If you hold up your hand in the light you will see that certain portions of it are illuminated. The rays have passed into the flesh. Sunlight, as is well known, helps to cure many diseases.”