Nikola Tesla was asked how long would it take for the transmission of energy, by his system, to travel around the world?

“The exact time is, according to my measurements, 43-1000 of a second, which is a speed about 50 per cent greater than that of light.

“The impulse starts from my magnifying transmitter with infinite speed, slows first rapidly and then at a lesser rate until, when it has penetrated to a distance of 6000 miles from the transmitter, it proceeds with approximately the speed of light. From there on it accelerates, first slowly and then more rapidly, and reaches the opposite point of the globe again with infinite speed only to rebound and pass through the same phases on its way back to the transmitter.

“This movement of electricity through the Earth, which takes place strictly in accordance with a mathematical law, and enables a great number of accurate measurements and determinations to be made, which are of immense practical and scientific value.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Nikola Tesla For The First Time Describes His New System For Supplying Wireless Power To Run All The Earth’s Industries.” By Marcel Roland. New York American, September 3, 1911.

I respect him but how could he claim “infinite speed” at any point in time when physics limits the speeds of all known things to at most that of light’s speed?

Nikola Tesla was using Charles Wheatstone’s principle which Wheatstone proclaimed the velocity of electrostatic induction was π/2( c ). Most forget that the speed of light is a constant, but it is not a limit. So Tesla established a system using electrostatic induction where he was able to transmitt longitudinal waves around earth and back to his reciever at a mean velocity of 291,000 miles per second. He recorded and measured these velocities in numerous experiments at Colorado Springs in 1899, and he patented his transmitter in 1900. Tesla was using an impulse waveform in his system which is much different than light, or other electromagnetic waves. They are of Infinitesimal width and the amplitudes are infinite, hence why Tesla, and the photo above, indicates that his oscillator currents travel at infinite speed.

The only reason why Tesla’s results are refuted is because it goes against Einstein’s theory of Relativity, but to me, actual experimentation is more reliable than a theory. Sure, people can deny Tesla and say his measurements and experiments were incorrect, but those arguments have no merit. Tesla followed the scientific method like a religion, and to say his measurements were off over 100,000 miles per second in is absurd.