Nikola Tesla – The Father of Wireless Power

“The first result was one of the experiments which I at that time showed in a public lecture, motive devices operated by merely connecting them to one terminal of a source of oscillations–a high frequency coil.

I have often been told that my most important results in invention was the demonstration of the practicability of transmitting energy over one wire; because, once we can transmit energy over one wire we can use also the Earth, for the Earth is equivalent to a large conductor- a better conductor than copper wire.

This was one of the results I got, but the most striking one I will show you now.

"This second result shows how energy goes through space without any wire. That was a most striking experiment which was repeated all the world over and was published in thousands and thousands of papers. There is a field produced–of high frequency–and in this field I hold two tubes of glass in my hands. These glass tubes spring into powerful light. That was an experiment which carried the whole world by storm; but to me it was the first evidence that I was conveying energy to a distance, and it was a tremendous spur to my imagination and to my energy to develop what I had started.”

-Nikola Tesla

(Tesla explaining his wireless art in a pre-hearing interview with his legal counsel in 1916 to protect his radio patents from the Guglielmo Marconi and the Marconi Company.)

“Nikola Tesla On His Works With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, and Transmission of Power.” Twenty First Century Books, Breckenridge, Colorado, 2002.

And it took us more than a century to just to make a working wireless phone charging pads.