Author: Yup That Exists

This guy makes some ridiculous mods that you can play for Grand Theft Auto, including Pokemon, Lion King, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, and even Jack Skellington.  

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Furniture Grown From Trees: undefined

This UK company grows their furniture over the period of 8 years. They currently have a forest in England where they are growing roughly 3,000 pieces of their unique furniture for customers. 

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Artist Stefan Kuhnigk turns your everyday problem of spilling coffee into these amazing works of art. He calls them his Coffee Monsters, and has even turned his army of over 600 characters into a book deal.  

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This man takes old coins and turns them into breathtaking rings. The “coin rings” are made by a craftsman by the name of Nicholas Heckaman who makes each and every ring by hand. 

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Korean Company Releases A Treadmill For Cats: undefined


Waste House: The House Built From A Landfill: undefined


You Can Now Hydrate And Get Drunk At The Same Time, Thanks To This Drink: undefined