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Can you tell us the a book recommendations on/by Nikolai Tesla, please? And maybe give us a name of someone who's pursuing the same path as he is.

His autobiography “My Inventions,” originally written for the Electrical Experimenter Magazine by Tesla in 1919. There’s a biography called “Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla” by John Oneil. Probably one of the better biographies about Tesla and from a journalist’s perspective who was a personal friend of Tesla. Also, Marc Seifer’s “Wizard: the Life and Times of Nikola Tesla” is a personal favorite.

There are a few individuals who have replicated his work on a small scale. Check out Donald Smith, who unfortunately has passed away, and also Tariel Kapanadze. There are some good YouTube videos on them. Their work is the closest to Tesla’s. The last would be Viziv Technologies, but even though they’re replicating Tesla’s work, they fail to mention him in their work at all.

Hope that helps.

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