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Tesla Coil:

*Patent No. 462,418: Method of transformation of electrical energy by oscillatory condenser discharge. It was predicted that this apparatus afforded vast possibilities and would play an important part in the future.*

“This type of apparatus is identified with my name as certain as the law of gravitation is with that of Newton. I know that some have claimed that Professor Thomson also invented the so-called Tesla coil, but those feeble chirps ne’er went beyond Swampscott. Professor Thomson is an odd sort of man; very ingenious, but he never was a wireless expert; he never could be. Moreover, it is important to realize that this principle is universally employed everywhere. The greatest men of science have told me that this was my best achievement and, in connection with this apparatus I may say that a lot of liberties have been taken. For instance, a man fills this space [break D] with hydrogen; he employs all my instrumentalities, everything that is necessary, but calls it a new wireless system – the Poulsen arc. I cannot stop it. Another man puts in here [referring to space between self-inductive lines L L] a kind of gap – he gets a Nobel prize for doing it. My name is not mentioned. Still another man inserts here [conductor B] a mercury[-arc] rectifier. That is my friend Cooper Hewitt. But, as a matter of fact, those devices have nothing to do with the performance.

“If these men knew what I do, they would not touch my arrangements; they would leave my apparatus as it is. Marconi puts in here [break D] two wheels. I showed only one wheel; he shows two. And he says, “See what happens when the wheels are rotated; a wonderful thing happens!” What is the wonderful thing? Why, when the teeth of the wheels pass one another, the currents are broken and interrupted. That is the wonderful thing that happens? The Lord himself could not make anything else happen unless he broke his own laws. So, in this way, invention has been degraded, debased, prostituted, more in connection with my apparatus than in anything else. Not a vestige of invention as a creative effort is in the thousands of arrangements that you see under the name of other people – not a vestige of invention. It is exactly like in car couplings on which 6,000 patents have been taken out; but all the couplings are constructed and operated exactly the same way. The inventive effort involved is about the same as that of which a 30-year-old mule is capable. This is a fact.“

–Nikola Tesla

(Tesla explaining his wireless art in a pre-hearing interview with his legal counsel in 1916 to protect his radio patents from the Guglielmo Marconi and the Marconi Company.)

“Nikola Tesla On His Works With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, and Transmission of Power.” Twenty First Century Books,
Breckenridge, Colorado, 2002.

Ahead of his time!

4 Electrical Engineers Who History Honors But In Reality Were…

4 Electrical Engineers Who History Honors But In Reality Were Giant Douches

By the end of the “War of Currents,” which lasted throughout the late 1880s and mid 1890s, 4 famous electrical engineers were left bitter, salty, and butthurt beyond belief
after battling with Nikola Tesla and his Alternating Current system. Thomas Edison, Elihu Thomson, Michael Pupin, and Charles Steinmetz, all walked a little funny after the current war (Steinmetz even worse than before), and all had to use that cream.

The truth is that they all played their part in discrediting Nikola Tesla and erasing him from history. None could accept defeat and rather chose to nut hug their own pride.

Edison was the biggest douche–using the AC system to electrocute animals, and by introducing the electric chair to show the dangers of Tesla’s system. Thomson, the second biggest, hired a janitor to steal AC blueprints from the Westinghouse Company so his company could bypass Tesla’s patents and build their own AC system. Pupin was a butt douche (poop is in his name) who discredited Tesla as the true inventor of the AC motor in lectures and in his Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography– even though the inventors he gave credit to admitted they got their idea from Tesla. He was just dick riding the others douches. Steinmetz, who worked for Thomson and helped him try and bypass Tesla’s patents, was a faux socialist who purposely omitted any reference to Tesla in his famous writings on AC phenomena because… well he was embarrassed about that whole committing industrial espionage thing.

Clearly it was in all their best interest to pretend like Tesla never existed. Unfortunately, these engineers would have a major effect in the history of science and their contempt for Tesla would eliminate him from being recognized as one of the most important figures in scholarly textbooks. This is why Tesla has been forgotten in time. Because of these douchebags. ???