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To celebrate the total solar eclipse, this 73-year-old grandma is planning an epic family reunion

  • Claudia Tropila, an attorney
    based in Fountain Valley, California, has always been obsessed with
  • She inherited the passion for space from her father, Cooper
    Lindley, who oversaw the design of ground support equipment for
    the Apollo Program.
  • After he helped his daughter secure a summer internship predating the first moon landing, Tropila was totally hooked.
  • Now 73, Tropila passed her adoration of all things celestial
    to her kids, Diane Parazin and John Tropila, who then passed it on to
    their children.
  • So it wasn’t hard to get her family on board to plan the
    eclipse trip of a lifetime back in 2015. Read more (8/15/17)

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