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A silent 10-minute song is skyrocketing up the iTunes charts

  • Every time you plug your iPhone into your car stereo, the first song (in alphabetical order) automatically plays.
  • People hate hearing that same song so much, they’ve begun downloading a 10-minute “song” that’s pure silence.
  • The
    track is the work of Samir Mezrahi, a New York City-based creative
    consultant and founder of Kale Salad Media. He struggled with this
    problem himself, eventually becoming so frustrated that he decided to
    come up with a solution. Read more (8/11/17)

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How to use your phone at night without ruining your sleep

My nighttime routine is the following: wash my face, take out my contact lenses, put on my pajamas, slide into bed and scroll through my iPhone. I check Instagram, look at Twitter, read some news and play some games. I know it’s bad for my sleep, but it’s such a difficult habit to break.

The blue light that electronics like your phone, computer and tablet emit can totally destroy your sleep. Certain wavelengths of light suppress melatonin, a hormone that, when elevated, signals to the body that it’s time to sleep. Some people even take melatonin supplements before bed to help them sleep.

Thankfully, and annoyingly, a new study shows you can combat the effects of those blue lights by… wearing special glasses before bed. To conduct the study, scientists had 22 subjects wear blue-light-blocking glasses while using their electronics before bed and measured their sleep and melatonin levels. Read more. (8/2/2017 12:20 PM)

– Alexis Kleinmen, Mic

Apple may have just leaked a major iPhone 8 feature in its own code

  • Apple just unveiled early firmware for its new smart speaker, called the HomePod. The device won’t make its debut to consumers until the tail end of the calendar year, but the firmware does reveal things about another product launching later this year: the iPhone 8.
  • Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, made a discovery within the code that suggests infrared face detection is a feature in the upcoming iPhone. Face detection would provide consumers an alternate way to access their device instead of passcode or fingerprint security measures.
  • There are several lines of code with the phrase “BKFaceDetect.” “BK” is speculated to refer to BiometricKit. According to Engadget, the code confirms “the use of infrared face unlock in BiometricKit for the next iPhone.” Read More (7/31/17)

There’s now a cochlear implant processor made to work with your iPhone

  • Apple has teamed up with Australian medical device company Cochlear to bring a new cochlear implant sound processor to the market.  The processor connects to your iPhone, making it the first of its kind.
  • After receiving
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in June, the sound processor
    — called Nucleus 7 Sound Processor — lets those living with a
    surgically embedded Cochlear Nucleus implant stream sound (e.g. phone
    calls, FaceTime, YouTube) from compatible iOS devices like the iPhone,
    iPad or iPod touch. Read more (7/27/17)

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Did you know Siri could do all this?

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Here’s how you can use your iPhone to control your computer

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