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Adorable Pooch Assists Street Artist in his Living Statue Routine: undefined

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Designer Benjamin Wilcox has invented a way for short people to see at concerts and other live events. The piece was made from one sheet of mirrored acrylic bent precisely, and was made for Microsoft’s Surface challenge. Follow us ( for more.

This vending machine is . a great alternative to mindlessly staring at your phone on public transit. Good idea or bad idea? Follow us ( for more.

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Harvard’s Pigment Library is one of a kind, and is used to protect rare colors that might one day be forgotten. Just imagine the paintings you could make with these colors! (photo: Jenny Stenger) 

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Other than the patch of 400 trees, the rest of the forest is completely normal. There are also a few other theories, one being that in WW2 German tanks rolled over the area when these trees were saplings, making them grow sideways. Follow us ( for more.