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Weather experts say this Atlantic hurricane season will be even busier than expected

  • Hurricane Gert became the second named Atlantic hurricane of 2017 on Tuesday, about a week after Hurricane Franklin damaged communities along the Mexican coastline.
  • Now
    the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hurricane center
    says this hurricane season will be even busier than predicted.
  • In
    June, NOAA lead seasonal hurricane forecaster Gerry Bell said a
    higher-than-average 11 to 17 tropical storms would spawn in the Atlantic
    Ocean during 2017.
  • Now Bell says at least
    14 to 19 tropical storms will be develop
    , five to nine of which will
    become hurricanes, two to five of which will become major hurricanes. Read more (8/16/17)

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After years of urging, Spotify is stepping up efforts to remove racist bands from its platform

  • In November 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center put together a list of 54 racist bands that had made a home for themselves on iTunes.
  • By December 2014, Apple had removed 30.
  • For years, Spotify has been slow to do the same — until now.
  • Following the violence in Charlottesville, individuals across the web began calling out Spotify for playing host to racist bands.
  • On Monday, the Digital Music Times catalogued 37 “white supremacist hate bands” whose music could still be found on the streaming service.
  • Mic reached out to Spotify to ask
    the company if it had seen these calls to remove the bands’ music and
    planned to take any action.
  • Spotify responded via email and said it has
    begun to purge some of the bands f
    rom its service and are glad to have
    been “alerted to this content.” Read more (8/16/17 2:15 PM)

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So you forgot to make eclipse plans. Here’s how to watch it without glasses or from your office.

  • Let’s say you can get outside during the eclipse — remember, the celestial action will coincide with lunchtime — but you couldn’t get your hands on a pair of eclipse glasses.
  • The key here is really simple: Whatever you do, don’t actually look at the sun.
  • Instead,
    build a projector. “Build” may sound daunting, but no major crafting
    skills are required.
  • All you need to do is create a small hole that will
    invert the sun’s light, creating a flipped image of the disappearing and reappearing sun as the eclipse progresses.
  • You can use basically anything to make that happen — index cards and a thumbtack, your fingers, a cereal box, a colander.
  • You have these things. You can do this. If you project the sun onto a sheet of paper, you can even incorporate it into drawings. Go wild.
  • Say
    you can’t get outside at all, or it’s raining, or you want to see the
    phenomenon from a better location. Are you by a TV? Flip to CNN or NASA TV. Just got your phone or tablet? Watch it on an app. You can even watch it in virtual reality. Read more (8/16/17)

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PayPal unveils new plans for keeping racist hate groups from using its services

  • A new report revealed that organizers of Saturday’s deadly white supremacist gathering in
    Charlottesville used PayPal to raise funds.
  • In response, PayPal released a strong statement on Tuesday condemning hate
    groups, outlining its Acceptable Use Policy and vowing to review PayPal
    users flagged by other customers.
  • The report, released Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center,
    outlined how Saturday’s “Unite the Right” event in Charlottesville,
    organized by racist and neo-Nazi hate groups like Identity Evropa,
    Vanguard America and the Traditionalist Worker Party, among others,
    needed PayPal to come together. Read more (8/16/17 10:15 AM)

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Treating your cancer with all-natural “alternative medicine” may double your risk of dying  

  • Treating curable cancers with “alternative medicine” techniques is a choice that at least one in three Americans makes.
  • That includes former Apple CEO Steve Jobs before his death from a curable form of pancreatic cancer in 2011.
  • But even if treating the body with these “natural” methods sounds appealing, a recent study suggests that using alternative medicine to treat cancer more than doubles the risk of dying within five years. Read more (8/15/17)

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To celebrate the total solar eclipse, this 73-year-old grandma is planning an epic family reunion

  • Claudia Tropila, an attorney
    based in Fountain Valley, California, has always been obsessed with
  • She inherited the passion for space from her father, Cooper
    Lindley, who oversaw the design of ground support equipment for
    the Apollo Program.
  • After he helped his daughter secure a summer internship predating the first moon landing, Tropila was totally hooked.
  • Now 73, Tropila passed her adoration of all things celestial
    to her kids, Diane Parazin and John Tropila, who then passed it on to
    their children.
  • So it wasn’t hard to get her family on board to plan the
    eclipse trip of a lifetime back in 2015. Read more (8/15/17)

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The solar eclipse glasses you bought might be fake — here’s how to tell

  • If you purchased eclipse
    glasses through Amazon, be sure to check your email — the company
    announced Aug. 12 that it was recalling and refunding certain glasses
    after they decided to double-check the safety certification. (If you
    didn’t get an email, you’re in the clear.)
  • Not having safe glasses or relying on a product that isn’t up to snuff could cause
    irreversible eye damage.
  • If
    you aren’t sure whether your glasses are safe, dig them up and take a
    look at the fine print that likely covers the frames. You’re looking for
    two key pieces of information:
    the designation “ISO 12312-2” (sometimes that’s followed by :2015, which is just fine) and the manufacturer name. Read more (8/15/17)

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Gaming chat service Discord shutters alt-right server in the wake of Charlottesville protests

  • In the wake of white-nationalist-led demonstrations in Charlottesville,
    Virginia, over the weekend, the chat service Discord, billed as a
    “Skype for gamers,” has shut down the server associated with
  • is a prominent news site for the so-called “alt-right,”
    where white nationalist Richard Spencer is listed as one of its editors.
  • The Discord server
    linked to the AltRight website, where the site’s readers could chat
    with each other, violated Discord’s terms of service, which “explicitly
    forbid[s] harassment, threatening messages
    or calls to violence,”
    according to a statement Discord’s chief marketing officer, Eros
    Resmini, emailed to Mic. Read more (8/14/17 5 PM)

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GoDaddy tells the ‘Daily Stormer’ it will no longer host the white supremacist site

  • On Aug. 13, white supremacist
    site the Daily Stormer was reminded that the terms of service can have consequences.
  • The site’s domain — but not its content — has been
    hosted by the internet company GoDaddy.
  • After the site included
    hateful remarks in its coverage of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer, which GoDaddy has decided was inflammatory, the
    company gave the Daily Stormer 24 hours to relocate its domain, a decision it announced in a tweet. Read more (8/14/17 10 AM)

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Update: ‘Daily Stormer’ tries Google domain hosting, gets banned there too

  • Shortly after GoDaddy booted the Daily Stormer, Reuters reported the site would move its domain to Google. That won’t be happening, though.
  • “We are canceling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service,” a Google spokesperson told Mic in an emailed statement. 
  • Without a place to host its domain name, it is unclear what will become of the Daily Stormer. Read more (8/14/17 2:50 PM)