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It’s estimated that by 2050 the orb will roll off the island and won’t return for a very very long time.

Why isn’t this in a thing in every country!? 

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Other than the patch of 400 trees, the rest of the forest is completely normal. There are also a few other theories, one being that in WW2 German tanks rolled over the area when these trees were saplings, making them grow sideways. Follow us ( for more. 

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This approach to dealing with plastic overload emerges just as the EU has voted to ban all single-use plastics by 2021. However, that legislation may have more to do with industry politics than with cleaning up the planet. It does nothing to address, for example, the garbage patch twice the size of Texas that’s currently floating in the Pacific Ocean. Further, Pestalotiopsis microspora can live without oxygen, which suggests enormous potential for feeding on, and thus cleaning up, landfills and oceans. 


This hotel sits on the side of a mountain in Peru. It’s a popular spot for travellers to stay while backpacking through the country. The Skylodge  hotel was made by adventure company Natura Vive, who wanted to maintain a luxury experience while still adhering to the adventure seekers. And although it might not be the greatest place to stay if your afraid of heights, it’s safe to say that the SkyLodge is one of the most unique hotels you’ll ever see.

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Within this giant stretch of land, there is an estimated array of 200 million termite mounds, all varying in size, height, and spreading out between 52 and 72 feet apart. It’s estimated that the termite colony is roughly 4,000 years old, and about the same size as Great Britain. 

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It turns out that what we regarded as mushrooms before are only the pop-up fruits of an extensive underground network – a living system that connects not only fungi across the forest, but trees as well. They’re called Mycorrhizal Networks.